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Clearwater Criminal Defense Lawyer > Blog > Drug Crime > What If A Friend Had Drugs In My Car?

What If A Friend Had Drugs In My Car?


If you were pulled over in Florida and law enforcement discovered drugs in your car, it is likely you will be charged with possession, even if they were the drugs of a friend. This is possible because police often believe the person who owns and operates a vehicle has control over the space, meaning you would know about drugs in your car.

Just because you are charged with drug possession does not mean it can be proven. There are many situations that could lead to a charge being dismissed. For example, the car may not have been registered in your name, so it was not actually your car. Or you did not know about the others carrying drugs into the vehicle. Once a Clearwater criminal defense lawyer is familiar with the facts of the case, they will inform you of defense options.

Common Areas and Joint Construction Possession

The reason why you could be facing a drug charge for illegal substances found in your car is because if multiple people have access to an area of space, say within a vehicle or house, law enforcement may assume you had access to the drugs. This is different from actual possession, which is the charges you would face if the drugs were on your person when they are found.

It is possible a Florida court will let the charges go if there is no other link to you and the drugs or if it can be proven they belonged to someone else, a friend or family member, for example. This is, of course, far more likely when the other person or people admit to the drugs being theirs and not yours. If everyone disputes who the drugs belong to, the situation can become more complicated.

A skilled drug offense lawyer may recognize a path to convincing the state of Florida that the drugs are not yours. If you were driving a car and drugs were found, resist the urge to make statements about the substances. Your initial efforts to say the drugs weren’t yours could be twisted through questioning, an experienced attorney knows how to cast doubt, when appropriate.

Talk to a Skilled FL Drug Attorney Today

Do not guess when it comes to Florida law, connect with an expert who knows exactly what to do when drugs are found in your car and you are arrested as a result. A Clearwater criminal defense lawyer can help.

Are you confused and worried because you are facing a drug charge for illegal substances that weren’t yours? Connect with a dedicated lawyer who will work to defend you against any charges, serious or minor. After a Florida drug arrest, you need the advice of a criminal defense attorney to understand what options you have and how you should move forward. There may be a path to having your charges dismissed. If not, a reduction in penalties could be pursued. Connect with King Law Group immediately to discuss next steps. Schedule your free consultation today.

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