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How To Deal With An Out-Of-State Arrest


Many out-of-state vacationers enjoy spending time in Clearwater. In fact, the entire state of Florida has a large amount of tourism, over 120 million vacationers each year according to one estimate. Families flock to the area for the stunning beaches and family-friendly activities while college-aged vacationers and young adults seek out the vibrant nightlife. With so many vacationers spending time in the area, there are situations in which out-of-state arrests occur.

If you live in another state and were arrested in Florida for drug possession, drunk driving, or another criminal charge, you need a legal professional on your side who is well-versed in state laws. The arrest will not magically go away if you head home, connect with a Clearwater criminal defense lawyer to talk through your options.

Local Attorneys and Appearing In Court

After an arrest, court appearances may be required. If you live far away, discuss the essential dates when you need to be present with a local lawyer. A legal professional who can attend to deadlines and paperwork on your behalf, when possible, can save you the expense and stress of continually traveling back and forth.

Because of the traveling issue, individuals facing a trial for serious charges may come to see the appeal of a plea deal. As your attorney builds your defense, they will learn of options such as plea deals along the way. While a guilty plea may not be initially attractive, there are situations when pleading guilty to a lesser charge will bring a swift resolution. This will remove the need for travel and take a jury trial off the table. Jury trials are not always the best choice as they do not always provide the result the defendant is expecting or seeking.

Florida and the Interstate Driving Compact

Most states in the United States are part of the Interstate Drivers License Compact. Essentially, this is an agreement that allows many states to share driving information with one another, including traffic violations and license suspensions. Because of this, individuals who reside out of state but are arrested for a DUI or another traffic offense will need to follow particular rules.

While the Florida process may not be familiar to you, an experienced Clearwater criminal defense lawyer will know exactly how to move forward in order to protect yourself today and in the future. Ignoring your situation will lead to more problems. Connect with a skilled attorney and discover solutions to a difficult situation.

Is it time for you to head home from vacation but you were arrested while traveling around Florida? You need a dedicated lawyer working on your case who will let you know if you need to return and when. Whether you are local or reside in another state, you need the advice of a criminal defense attorney after a Florida arrest. Ignoring the situation can lead to an escalation of legal problems. Connect with King Law Group as soon as possible to discuss next steps. Schedule your free consultation today.

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