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Clearwater Bail & Bond Hearing Lawyer

All defendants are entitled to appear before a judge within 24 hours of their arrest. This is known as a first appearance, during which the court is required to consider the possibility of bail or bond. Not all defendants will be entitled to post a bond. Those accused of capital murder or crimes that are punishable by life sentences may be denied bond. A defendant has a right to request a reasonable bond at this hearing.

One of the reasons why you want to involve a criminal defense lawyer from the King Law Group early in the process is that we can try to get your bond reduced. The earlier our Clearwater bail & bond lawyer begins providing counsel, the better your situation will be.

What are bail and bond?

Basically, the State can hold you until the charges against you have been processed and a jury has rendered a verdict on your guilt. This is to ensure that you are present for the judicial hearings. Bail is the amount of money that must be paid for a person to be released from jail while their criminal case is pending. Bond is money paid on behalf of a defendant by a bondsman who takes responsibility for making sure the defendant appears for their court dates.

Bail and bond hearings

Your attorney will request that the court consider a monetary bail amount to give you freedom while the charges against you are being processed. We can request that the bond be set immediately or lowered in accord with your financial capacities. In Florida, the term used is “pretrial release”. If the defendant can provide the State the money for the bond, they can be released into the community while the charges are pending. The judge may order other conditions along with the monetary sum.

The problem for many defendants is that the judge has no idea what your finances are like. The judge can set bond at $50,000, but you don’t have that kind of cash on hand. You will not get multiple chances to review the bond. Your attorney must address the lowering of the bond price at that hearing or you could be stuck in jail for the duration of your criminal case.

Determining a fair bond amount

Determining a fair bond amount is quite subjective. Judges consider various factors such as the severity of your crime, the likelihood that you will flee, your ties to the community, and whether you’re a danger to yourself or others. Past failures to appear for court will be used against you. Bond will generally be denied in cases where the potential penalty is either death or life imprisonment. Additionally, bond will not be set for probation violations. Your attorney can request that the judge lower the bond amount to a number that you can afford, but the judge may or may not accept that request.

Talk to a Clearwater Bail & Bond Hearing Lawyer

Involving an experienced criminal defense attorney early in the process improves your chances of getting an affordable bond. Call King Law Group today, and we can discuss your options moving forward.

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