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What Is A Grand Theft Crime?


When a person intentionally takes the property of another person or attempts to do the stealing, they could be charged with theft in the state of Florida. Naturally, there are a lot of different kinds of theft charges, and what type of theft charge you receive depends on the details of the theft and the value of the stolen property.

Sometimes referred to as grand larceny outside of Florida, a grand theft crime is when the property stolen has a value in excess of $750. Or, if property was stolen from law enforcement or emergency medical personnel, over $300 in value. There are degrees of grand theft charges as well, depending on the specific value of the property. Grand theft is a felony, prison time and large fines are possible when a person is convicted. Talk to a Clearwater criminal defense lawyer about defense options following a theft arrest.

First Degree, Second Degree, and Third Degree

The imprisonment time for a grand theft crime varies from five years to 30 years, depending if the conviction is connected to a first, second, or third degree crime. Additionally, convicted parties are responsible for fines and restitution payments, if the court orders them. Probation and service community work is also possible.

  • Third-degree grand theft. If you stole property that has a value of over $750 but less than $20,000, you will likely be facing a third-degree felony. It is also possible to be charged at this level if the item you stole was a vehicle, stop sign, firearm, farm animal, or controlled substance. The punishment could be up to five years in prison with $5,000 as the maximum fine amount.
  • Second-degree grand theft. When the value is over $20,000 but under $100.000, a second-degree charge that carries a consequence of up to 15 years in prison and with a fine up to $10,000 is possible. This charge could also arise in connection with theft from law enforcement or interstate theft.
  • First-degree grand theft. Stolen goods that are valued at over $100,000 carry a first-degree charge with penalties of up to 30 years and a $10,000 fine.

Whatever the degree of charges you are facing, you need to talk to an attorney as soon as possible to have your options reviewed.

Florida Grand Theft Defense Options

Once you share the details of your situation with a  Clearwater criminal defense lawyer, they will inform you of defense options available. In some situations lack of intent is a strong defense. In other circumstances proving mistakes in ownership may be a path forward. Arguing the item stolen carries an overstated value could also be part of the process.

Have you been charged with theft in Florida? Being accused of grand theft can be a life-altering experience. Connect with the lawyers at the King Law Group to have legal experts on your side who can develop a strategic path forward. We will aggressively advocate for you, fighting for your rights and protecting your freedoms. Schedule your free consultation today.

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