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Clearwater Criminal Defense Lawyer > Blog > DUI Defense > What If Auto-Brewery Syndrome Is To Blame For My DUI?

What If Auto-Brewery Syndrome Is To Blame For My DUI?


Auto-brewery syndrome, also known as gut fermentation syndrome, is a rare condition in which a person’s body converts carbohydrates into alcohol. Someone suffering from this condition can feel and behave like they are under the influence of alcohol despite not drinking any alcohol. It is even possible an individual could fail a drunk driving test, such as a breathalyzer, even though they haven’t consumed any alcoholic beverages. 

If you believe you were unfairly charged with a DUI in Clearwater, St. Petersburg, or Largo, talk to a Clearwater DUI defense lawyer at King Law Group. Auto-brewery syndrome is not common but it could be part of a defense strategy if a person was previously diagnosed or has a history with this particular medical condition. 

Symptoms of Auto-Brewery Syndrome 

Everyone has a certain level of fermentation happening in their gut because it is necessary for the body to digest food and turn that food into fuel. However, when a person is suffering from auto-brewery syndrome, the process is not the same. The fermentation occurs in different areas of the body’s digestive tract and there is an overgrowth of fungi. When the gut’s microorganism balance is altered, the individual can experience symptoms, which can also lead to other health conditions. 

Conditions that could be connected to auto-brewery syndrome:

  • Diabetes
  • Autoimmune conditions
  • Liver disease
  • Crohn’s disease 
  • Irritable bowels

Auto-brewery syndrome symptoms:

  • Balance problems and confusion
  • Dizziness and headaches
  • Fatigue and nausea
  • Slurred speech
  • Sudden mood shifts
  • Belching and vomiting

Treatment is possible. For example, prescription medications can help to manage auto-brewery syndrome. But treatment is only an option once a person is diagnosed. If a person does not know they have the issue, auto-brewery syndrome goes untreated.

If you feel you are suffering from auto-brewery syndrome or another gut issue, it is important you have your health concerns addressed as soon as possible. Talk to your primary healthcare provider as soon as possible. Medical issues can threaten your overall health and contribute to car crashes and other accidents. When you are impaired, you are unable to operate a vehicle safely, whether that impairment is from a controlled substance or from a chemical reaction happening within your body. 

Pointing to Auto-Brewery Syndrome as a Defense

After a DUI charge, connect with a Clearwater DUI defense lawyer at King Law Group as soon as possible. Then, a skilled attorney can strategize the best path to protect your rights. If you have a history of health issues, such as auto-brewery syndrome, evidence of this can be used to strengthen your defense. Each situation is unique and needs to be analyzed individually.

Were you arrested for DUI while driving in Florida? You need a skilled defense lawyer to advocate for you. Criminal defense professionals have the experience to defend you against charges, minor or serious, and secure the best resolution possible. Connect with King Law Group to understand your options. Schedule your free consultation today.

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