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Clearwater Criminal Defense Lawyer > Blog > DUI Defense > Four Things To Know About Florida DUIs

Four Things To Know About Florida DUIs


DUI is an abbreviation for driving under the influence, meaning a person is under the influence of controlled substances or alcoholic beverages. There are blood alcohol levels in place for law enforcement to determine if you are under the influence. So, for example, if you have a blood alcohol level that is .08% or higher, you can be arrested for a DUI in Florida.

While DUIs are commonly referred to as drunk driving, some people do not believe they are drunk but do find themselves charged with a DUI. To have your individual situation assessed, talk to a knowledgeable Clearwater DUI defense lawyer. An attorney can share with you things to know about Florida DUIs, including the following.

#1 You Can Lose Your License

According to Florida law, you can have your drivers’ license seized if your blood alcohol level is unlawfully high or you refuse to submit to a test, whether that is a urine, breath, or blood test. Refusal of testing could result in losing driving privileges for a year, if it is your first offense. Individuals who have a previous suspension on their records will face a longer loss of driving privileges.

#2 An Arrest Is Possible Even If You Aren’t Driving

Physical control of the vehicle is connected to DUI arrests, and physical control does not require you to be actively driving. This means if you are sitting in your car and have the key to the vehicle in the ignition, it can be argued you were in physical control.

#3 You May Not Have to Serve Jail Time

If it is your first conviction, jail can often be avoided. But if you are facing a second conviction within years of a prior conviction, there will likely be a mandatory loss of freedom for 10 days. Jail times will extend out from there, if you have more than two DUI convictions.

#4 There Are Ways to Avoid DUIs

Of course it is best if you can avoid an arrest all together. If you drink when you are out to dinner with friends or at a party with family, get in the habit of finding a way home that does not involve driving. For instance, call a rideshare vehicle, designate a driver who will abstain from alcohol beverages, or walk if you are close enough to do so.

When Florida drunk driving arrests happen, you need a Clearwater DUI defense lawyer who understands DUI laws and will fight for your rights.

Is it time for you to connect with an experienced DUI attorney? There are a lot of options following an arrest, but you need to connect with a dedicated Florida lawyer to learn what is possible given the details of your unique situation. For example, after a DUI arrest, there may be a path to having the charges completely dismissed. Or maybe your attorney could work to have penalties reduced. Reach out and talk to the legal team at King Law Group as soon as possible to discuss next steps. Schedule your free consultation today.

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