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Florida Law And Drug Paraphernalia Charges


Drug paraphernalia charges in Florida are not rare. If there are no other charges, you will likely be facing a first-degree misdemeanor, which carries a penalty of up to $1,000 in fines and up to a year in jail. If you are unsure of what is considered paraphernalia, it is basically any item that is used to conceal, store, cultivate, produce, manufacture, or process a controlled substance. The equipment or product does not have to be in use at the time of arrest.

It is possible you will be facing drug possession charges or possession with intent to sell along with paraphernalia charges. Multiple charges likely mean there are higher fines along with jail or prison possibilities. You need a seasoned Clearwater criminal defense lawyer to help you maintain your freedom and discuss next steps.

Drug Paraphernalia Examples 

While there are items that fall under the category of drug paraphernalia that are specifically designed and manufactured for drug use, there are other items, household items, that police officers may consider to be drug paraphernalia, too. Some everyday items that could lead to a paraphernalia change, in certain circumstances, include plastic sandwich bags and straws.

Examples of drug paraphernalia items:

  • Isomerization items
  • Cultivation and processing kits
  • Balances and scales
  • Testing equipment
  • Bowls, spoons, blenders, and mixers
  • Plastic baggies, envelopes, capsules, or small containers
  • Bongs and water pipes
  • Syringes or needles
  • Pipes, rolling papers, roach clips
  • Small vials and spoons
  • Nitrous oxide cartridges
  • Hoses, tubes, tin foil, and duct tape

If you are convicted of drug paraphernalia possession in Florida, it will remain on your permanent criminal record which can lead to issues connected to employment and housing. Deportation is even possible for individuals who are not U.S. citizens.

Defenses to Florida Drug Paraphernalia Charges

It needs to be proven beyond a reasonable doubt that any items found and resulted in a drug paraphernalia charge were items that were to be used to consume illegal drugs. When you connect with a Clearwater criminal defense lawyer, they will look into the details of your case and determine if there is a path to getting the charges dismissed.

After all, it is possible to purchase some items at a novelty store that could be seen by law enforcement as a drug paraphernalia item. An experienced attorney has the skills and experience to determine if there could have been a misunderstanding or if there was not reasonable cause for the arrest to happen in the first place. If charges can’t be thrown out, defense options will be considered.

Do you have questions about how to move forward after a Florida drug paraphernalia arrest? A legal professional can help. Drug arrests are often paired with other charges and can lead to severe penalties, you need a criminal defense lawyer with experience to explain to you what options are available given the details of your situation. King Law Group will fight for you, whether the charges you are facing are serious or minor. Schedule your free consultation today.

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