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Charges For Synthetic Drug Possession


There are laws in place surrounding all drug use, including street drugs, prescription medications, and synthetic drugs. Possession, manufacture, or sales of synthetic drugs can lead to serious charges. For instance, K2 and spice are synthetic drugs that are Schedule I substances. This means possession of these substances is illegal, in any form or quantity. Schedule I drugs are not connected to any medicinal use.

Whether you are facing misdemeanor or felony charges, you need an experienced legal professional on your side. Defense representation is an integral part of protecting your rights.

Connect with a Clearwater criminal defense lawyer to have an attorney working to pursue the case and build your defense.

Range of Possible Penalties

Sometimes called designer drugs, synthetic drugs are typically made in labs. They are created with chemicals, often with a goal of mimicking the effects of street drugs. Because they are man-made substances, they are often new alterations that are very harmful to the health of individuals.

Synthesis compounds have been illegal in Florida for years. The drug laws were changed in 2016 to ensure that synthetic drugs would carry criminal penalties. The consequences for synthetic drug possession will be connected to the circumstances surrounding the drug arrest and the amount of drugs in the person’s possession at the time.

In Florida, if you are in possession of synthetic drugs in an amount up to three grams, you will likely be charged with a misdemeanor offense. Any more than three grams could result in felony changes.

For misdemeanor offenses, under three grams, up to a year in jail, a year of probation, along with fines and driver’s license suspension is possible. Possessing over three grams of a synthetic drug in Florida is a third degree felony, which could lead to up to five years in prison, five years of probation, and larger fines and a larger license suspension period.

Building a Synthetic Drug Defense

Illegal search and lack of knowledge are two possible defense strategies. If you were illegally searched, the evidence is not admissible because it was not obtained in a legal manner. And lack of knowledge could be part of your defense if you can produce evidence that shows you were not aware of the synthetic drugs. Testifying to lack of knowledge is typically part of this strategy as well.

A seasoned Clearwater criminal defense lawyer will look over all of the documentation connected to your arrest and advise you on possible defense strategies. Your freedom could be at risk, having a professional fighting for the best possible outcome should be your top priority.

Have you been charged with synthetic drug possession? Do not hesitate to call an attorney, you need a dedicated criminal defense lawyer working on your case as soon as possible. Connect with King Law Group and share the details of your arrest with a qualified lawyer. Then, your attorney can review the case and inform you of next steps so you fully understand your options. Schedule your free consultation today.

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