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Clearwater Criminal Defense Lawyer > Blog > Criminal Defense > Why You Need An Attorney After A Florida Probation Violation

Why You Need An Attorney After A Florida Probation Violation


Serious consequences are possible when a person violates their probation. For example, your probation could be revoked or the probation terms could be extended. If you have been accused of a Florida probation violation, or suspect you will be soon, connect with a legal professional who can fully explain the situation ahead and represent you at hearings, if required.

You may be scared, but you also have rights, and a Clearwater criminal defense lawyer will work to ensure you receive fair treatment. An experienced attorney has the background you need to navigate the Florida criminal justice system and work toward resolutions.

Common Probation Violations

While there are a range of probation violations, some are more common than others, including the following:

  • Participating in activities that are prohibited. Often probation will have terms that prohibit certain activities, including contacting others involved in the initial offense or using drugs and alcohol. If you were unfairly accused, a skilled lawyer will work to illustrate your innocence.
  • Not making required payments. Financial payments could be part of your probation agreement, such as restitution payments and state fees. Failing to make payments will lead to an immediate probation violation.
  • Avoiding counseling or monthly progress reports. Depending on the situation, a court may order you to attend a series of counseling sessions or rehabilitation programs. Not attending required sessions is grounds for violation charges.
  • Engaging in criminal activity. Of course, committing a crime will lead to further legal issues, even minor offenses will be problematic for you if you are on probation.

Talking to a lawyer as soon as possible is advised. Sometimes probation violations occur because of misunderstandings or confusion. For example, when it comes to fines and restitution payments, it is essential you have a full understanding of how much you are required to pay and when those payments are due. Then, if you have a reason you can’t make the payments, discuss options forward with your lawyer in order to avoid a violation.

Respond with Care

After a Florida violation accusation, hire an attorney. Resist the urge to respond with anger. Instead, share the details of your situation with a Clearwater criminal defense lawyer who can carefully review the facts and provide you with insight on which next steps should be taken, whether that is building a defense strategy, challenging the evidence being used to defend the violation accusation, or negotiating a plea deal.

Whether you have failed a drug test, did not complete a series of court-ordered programs, or have been accused of committing a crime, if you were on probation, a violation accusation is likely.

Have you been accused of a Florida parole violation? While probation can be a way for an offender to re-enter life outside of jail or prison, it is possible to be incarcerated again if rules are broken and laws are violated. Protect yourself from freedom loss, talk to the legal team at King Law Group to explore defense strategies. To learn what is possible for you, share your story with an attorney. Schedule your free consultation today.

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