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What Are Florida Probation Rules?


According to one estimate, there are approximately 150 thousand individuals in Florida who are on probation at any given time. The length of time a person spends on probation varies, depending on the severity of the offense and the details surrounding the arrest. Even when probation is long, lasting a decade or more, it is preferable to being incarcerated. That said, probation still comes with a lot of rules and conditions.

If you are wondering if probation is a possibility for you or someone you care about after a Florida criminal charge, discuss the specifics with a Clearwater criminal defense lawyer. There are different types of probation and it is essential you understand exactly what is expected of you should you end up on probation. After all, violating probation could result in the suspension of your sentence being revoked, meaning you would have to serve out the remaining time in jail.

Types of Probation In the State of Florida

Probation is an alternative to serving jail time, and while avoiding incarceration is a top objective for most people charged with a Florida crime, you need to understand the terms of your probation, and conditions vary depending on the type of probation you are offered.

  • A more forgiving type of probation, administrative probation carries conditions but does not have the requirement of meetings with a probation officer on a regular basis.
  • Probation with community control is essentially house arrest or a person on probation within a setting that has continuous supervision.
  • Set probationary terms that must be met and regular meetings with a probation officer.
  • Drug offense. An individual who is a drug offender often is required to meet standard guidelines and go through a substance abuse treatment program. Drug tests could also be administered.
  • Sex offense. Treatment programs and special supervision is typically required along with standard guidelines for sex offenders.

Of course individuals want the probation type that allows them the most freedom as possible. After a lawyer looks over the details of your case they can structure an argument for the type of probation that would match your unique situation.

Standard probationary terms typically include meeting with a probation officer, allowing home and workplace visits, staying employed, paying restitution, staying away from illegal drugs, and not relocating. Additionally, you must refrain from criminal activity or associating with individuals involved in crimes and you are not permitted to possess weapons. Additional conditions are always possible as well. Talk to a Clearwater criminal defense lawyer about probation possibilities.

Is probation an option for you following a Florida arrest? If you want to learn more about different types of probation, or you have violated the terms of your agreement and are unsure what to do, you need a legal professional on your side defending your rights. Connect with the lawyers at the King Law Group. With an experienced attorney working for you, you will have legal professionals on your side fighting to protect your rights and your freedoms. Schedule your free consultation today.

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