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Wobbler Offenses And Building Your Defense


When it comes to criminal offenses, some are categorized as wobblers. Wobbler offenses are crimes that could be charged as either felonies or misdemeanors, depending on the particular circumstances of the case.

To learn more about wobbler offenses, explore how prosecution teams determine whether to pursue felony or misdemeanor charges, and discuss steps for building your defense against a Florida wobbler offense, connect with a Clearwater criminal defense lawyer.

How Prosecution Teams Decide

A wobbler offense means prosecution teams can decide whether the crime will be charged as a felony or a misdemeanor. How they will make this determination depends on several factors. Once a prosecutor and their team has carefully assessed the situation, they will move forward with a felony or misdemeanor charge. Some of considerations that will be analyzed include:

  • Nature and severity of the offense. The details of the crime, including the harm that was caused, if force was used, and the amount of loss involved will influence the decision to pursue felony charges or not.
  • Criminal history of the defendant. Prior convictions or a history of similar offenses could lead to the prosecution opting for felony charges. This happens when there is a pattern of criminal behavior because harsher charges may be required for stronger deterrents and punishments for repeat offenders
  • Mitigating or aggravating circumstances. Factors that reduce or increase the seriousness of the offense, such as a defendant’s degree of participation, could be taken into account when prosecutors are making a charging decision.

If you are facing a wobbler offense, it’s important for you to know that there are steps you can take to build a strong defense.

Consult with a Skilled Attorney Without Delay

The sooner you connect with an experienced attorney, one who specializes in handling Florida wobbler offenses, the sooner a skilled legal professional will be fighting for your rights. A Clearwater criminal defense lawyer will begin by assessing the specific details of your case. Then, they will identify potential defense strategies and guide you through the legal process.

For example, your attorney can investigate mitigating factors and secure the required evidence. When there are ways to identify reasons charges should be reduced, there could be the potential to reduce the severity of the offense or support your defense. This might include lack of criminal intent, self-defense, or other circumstances that provide context to your actions.

It also may be possible for your attorney to negotiate with the prosecution to reduce the charges or secure a favorable plea deal. Attorneys who have had successful results for past wobbler offense clients know how to employ effective negotiation strategies and connect clients with favorable outcomes.

Do you wonder if there is a felony or misdemeanor charge in your future? Wobbler offenses can be complicated, but your attorney will conduct a thorough evaluation of the facts and evidence surrounding your case in order to fight for an optimal outcome. Explore your defense options, talk to the attorneys at King Law Group. Schedule your free consultation today.

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