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Clearwater Criminal Defense Lawyer > New Port Richey Burglary Defense Lawyer

New Port Richey Burglary Defense Lawyer

Burglary is one of the most largely misunderstood crimes in New Port Richey, and throughout Florida. Many people think that burglary is a theft crime, but that is not always the case. Burglary occurs when someone unlawfully enters a structure, dwelling, or conveyance with the intent to commit a felony. The intention of the accused did not have to be to steal, but simply to commit any felonious act. Burglary is a very serious crime and carries harsh penalties for anyone convicted. Our New Port Richey burglary lawyer can help you beat your charges and avoid conviction.

Understanding Burglary in New Port Richey

Under the Florida Statutes, burglary is defined as entering a structure, conveyance, or dwelling illegally with the intention of committing a felony. A conveyance can include any trailer, vehicle, boat, vessel, or other mode of transportation. Dwellings under the law include mobile, immobile, temporary, and permanent homes.

An individual does not have to fully enter a structure to be charged with burglary. As long as they tried to unlawfully enter a building and any portion of their body entered the structure, a person can be charged with burglary if they had the intent to commit a crime once inside. Burglary also does not necessarily mean breaking into a structure. For example, if a person illegally entered a structure through an unlocked door with the intent to commit a crime, such as aggravated assault, they could be charged with burglary.

Burglary Defenses in New Port Richey

The penalties for burglary in Florida are extremely harsh and even include life in prison. If you have been charged, it is natural to feel concerned about what your future holds. Fortunately, the situation is not a hopeless one. There are several defenses available to these charges.

The act of entering a structure alone is not enough to constitute burglary. The prosecution must show that you had the intent to commit a felony while inside. Intent is a very important element of this crime, but it is also very difficult to prove. If the prosecution cannot show that you had criminal intent, that can be used as a defense and could reduce your charges to something much more minor, such as trespassing.

The other important element of burglary charges is that the accused must have entered the structure illegally. If you believed you were entering the building lawfully and you can prove it, you cannot be charged with burglary.

Our Burglary Defense Lawyer in New Port Richey Can Defend Against Your Charges

Burglary is always charged as a felony in Florida, so being arrested for it is a very serious matter. At King Law Group, our New Port Richey burglary defense lawyer knows how to refute the arguments of the prosecution and present evidence that proves you are not guilty of the charges. Call us now at 727-538-4265 or fill out our online form to schedule a free consultation and to learn more about how we can help with your case.

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