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Financial Impacts of a Florida DUI


A driving under the influence (DUI) charge in Florida can have significant financial implications, even though these bills are typically not the first thing on a person’s mind when they are arrested. It is normal to initially worry about the emotional stress and criminal penalties associated with drunk or impaired driving, but individuals arrested for a DUI also face a range of costs that can quickly become a high amount that is a strain on a person’s financial health.

Preparing for financial impacts allows you to plan for the future. To talk through all of the financial impacts of a Florida DUI, as well as the emotional effects and criminal penalties, connect with a Clearwater criminal defense lawyer.

Examples of Florida DUI Costs

What Florida DUI costs you will confront will depend on the facts of your case, but one of the main expenses will be hiring an experienced Florida defense attorney. This is an essential cost as a skilled lawyer is necessary to build a strong defense. Additionally, they can prepare you for upcoming fees, including the following.

  • Court fines. If you are convinced of a DUI, there can be fines imposed by the court. The amount will depend on the situation. For example, the costs will likely be more substantial if the individual has prior convictions on their record.
  • Reinstatement costs. When a driver’s license is suspended due to a DUI conviction, it is common for individuals to move to reinstate the license. To do this, there will be fees, costs that range depending on the duration of the suspension.
  • Towing fees. Vehicles that are towed and impounded because of a DUI arrest aren’t simply given back, there are fees that need to be paid.
  • Higher auto insurance. Auto insurance companies see DUI convictions as a high-risk behavior, and high-risk behaviors lead to an increase in premiums in order to shield the companies from financial loss. Some even find their auto policy is canceled completely
  • Interlock devices. Some Florida individuals convicted of a DUI are required to install ignition interlock devices. These devices are not free, and the costs associated with the device, such as installing the device and monthly fees are paid by the convicted party.
  • Treatment and educational programs. Alcohol education and treatment plans are often required for individuals who are charged with a DUI offense and are paid for by the person facing charges.

And on top of all of these fines, an additional financial stress could be wage loss as a DUI charge can mean missed work due to incarceration, court appearances, or mandatory education programs.

What types of financial responsibilities are you planning for following a DUI arrest? Before you commit to one monetary figure, understand that the financial impacts of a Florida DUI vary widely depending on the specific circumstances of the case. There are professionals who can guide you through the DUI defense process. To plan for next steps and build your defense, connect with the attorneys at the King Law Group. Schedule your free consultation.

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